How to deal with the quality problems in lead-free reflow so

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How to deal with the quality problems in lead-free reflow soldering
First of all, the welding quality problems shall be defined and classified
In SMT applications, the welding quality of the product can be described by the following definitions.
"Be able to maintain a certain degree of mechanical and electrical performance in the intended use environment, manner and life cycle."
In this definition, "use environment" refers to the occasion of use, such as indoor or outdoor, static workbench or mobile means of transportation, as well as the temperature and humidity of the environment, and so on; "mode" mainly refers to the working mode of power on. For example, it can be opened and closed many times a day (such as mobile phones, computers, MP3, automotive electronics and other products), or it can not be shut down basically after power on and start (such as communication station, home phone, power supply protection and other products); the "life cycle" refers to the expected service life of the product. All of these will be different due to different industry conditions and enterprise positioning, which is what the design department must define. Therefore, the above definition says "design intent". "Maintain a certain degree" refers to the acceptable failure or failure degree, such as the definition of 1% product failure, or 20% decrease in the energy of a certain personality.

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