Development trend of SMT equipment manufacturing industry in

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With the great development of China's electronic information product manufacturing industry, SMT equipment manufacturing industry has also been greatly developed. Due to various reasons, there are various difficulties in the independent research and development of China's patch machine. For more than 10 years, Chinese enterprises are still in the stage of exploration and prototype trial production, and almost 100% of the SMT machines are imported. However, with the development of other equipment of SMT production line, such as printing press, reflow soldering, wave soldering, AOI (automatic optical inspection), domestic enterprises have made gratifying progress. For example, many domestic brands of wave soldering, reflow soldering and other welding equipment, AOI equipment performance can catch up with or close to the same kind of foreign products, the localization rate gradually increased. But China's SMT equipment manufacturers also present a mixed situation of good and bad. There are hundreds of wave soldering and reflow soldering manufacturers in Shenzhen and Dongguan alone, far exceeding the total number of famous wave soldering and reflow soldering manufacturers abroad. The arrival of this international financial crisis will inevitably promote the reorganization of wave soldering and reflow soldering manufacturing industry. A large number of enterprises without large scale and low manufacturing level are bound to go out of business. After the survival of the fittest, enterprises that can survive will have better prospects for development.
The central government's policy of expanding domestic demand will certainly accelerate the recovery of SMT / EMS industry. In order to overcome the adverse effects of the international financial crisis on China's real economy, the Chinese government has adopted a series of positive economic policies, especially the policy of home appliances going to the countryside, which has accelerated the development of electronic information products manufacturing industry. The sales of TV sets and mobile phones in household appliances will bring orders to SMT / EMS industry. At present, many SMT / EMS enterprises and even echo peak welding and reflow welding production enterprises' orders have picked up a lot compared with last December. At the same time, a series of national new economic stimulus policies will also be conducive to the further recovery of SMT / EMS industry.

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