Cleaning and maintenance method of SMT back welding furnace

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1. Clean the inner surface of the furnace with water-based or solvent based solvent.
2. Clean the Flox recovery device and replace the filter screen (if any)
3. Clean the exhaust duct, fan and furnace inlet and outlet.
4. Clean the conveyor chain iron bars and rails.
5. In all processes, pay attention to the large amount of solvent entering the furnace or splashing on the electrical part.
6. Clean the sundries in the furnace
7. Wipe the machine surface
8. Dry the inside of the machine without heating and only blowing to ensure that the solvent volatilizes completely.
9. Test the machine, check whether there is wind blowing out of each temperature zone, whether there is heating in each heating zone, and whether the chain transmission is stable and accurate (it must be tested). Solve the problems as soon as possible.

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