About us
 Shenzhen Hetong automation equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hetong) specializes in the design, production and sales of full-automatic lead-free reflow soldering, lead-free wave soldering, high-speed visual dispensing machine, full-visual automatic dispensing machine, multi-functional coating machine and other non-standard automation equipment. The company has been committed to providing advanced products and comprehensive and high-quality services for the global electronics and microelectronics industry. Through years of continuous efforts, Hetong products' innovation, quality and reliability have won a good reputation in the electronics and microelectronics industry, and the enterprise has also obtained considerable development.
Hetong, founded in 2008, was formerly a non-standard automation equipment design office, led by a number of senior design engineers. It has established program leaders for many large automation manufacturers to develop trial products, with years of technology accumulation. With the continuous growth of the team, it established Shenzhen Hetong Automation Co., Ltd. in 2010, with more than 200 employees, including university based More than 50 people with bachelor's degree or above, high-quality R & D team and strict working attitude make the enterprise have strong ability of sustainable R & D and innovation.
Under the guidance of the business philosophy of "close to the market, continuous improvement, technological innovation, scientific management, and feedback to the society", Hetong company keeps innovating the old and bringing forth the new in the spirit of consistent professional, dedicated and continuous improvement; in order to meet the needs of customers with high efficiency, high precision and high reliability products, the company continues to launch different series of soldering machines with completely independent intellectual property rights, Dispensing machine, coating machine, to meet the needs of different types of customers.
Hetong promises to "listen" to customers' opinions, because customers know the production process and standards best, listen to customers' requirements carefully, and strive to achieve the goal is the secret of Hetong's success. "No best, only better" is our core belief. Hetong's team insists that it will not make any compromise on product quality and perfection!
From domestic leading to international advanced; from leading industry demand to exceeding user expectations, Hetong company adheres to the sacred mission of "promoting industrial progress", and is committed to becoming a world-class high-tech company. In the same competition on the world high-tech stage, it will continue to write a new legend of the development of China's automatic equipment industry!
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